Premium Motorcade Services

Madison Avenue Armor provides highly organized and secure motorcade services for VIPs. Due to our perfect safety record, Madison Avenue Armor is the natural choice for diplomats, embassy personnel, heads of state, foreign dignitaries, news figures, CEOs, celebrities, public figures, and high-net-worth individuals.

Key Madison Avenue Armor Motorcade Security Services

Operations, Personnel & Logistics

Our specialists will coordinate all mission-related services to meet each specific and unique security protocol for each client. This involves organizing every detail regarding operations, planning and scheduling, and implementing multi-city travel programs.

We also connect clients with extra protection personnel, such as trained security drivers and armed and unarmed agents. Bi-lingual personnel are also available upon request.

Non-Armored Chauffeured Vehicle Fleet Services

Our Madison Avenue Armor luxury car fleet also provides soft vehicles with chauffeurs who are highly trained to provide you with a safe and comfortable trip. These vehicles have full passenger cabin protection and other safety features that include run-flat tires, reinforced fuel tanks, a fire suppression system, a battery backup start system, and more.

Armored Vehicle Rentals

Since 1998, Madison Avenue Armor has been a leading provider of armored vehicle rentals and leases. All vehicles are luxury models outfitted with cutting-edge technology to provide you with unparalleled security and ease. We also sell armored vehicles for those looking for a more permanent arrangement.

Madison Avenue Armor Security Consultation Services

If you prefer your own team, Madison Avenue Armor experts can help your staff plan a secure motorcade service.

Madison Avenue Armor - Premier Motorcade Services

We provide world-class motorcade services to VIPs. Our expertise promises a safe arrival at your destination every time. Contact Madison Avenue Armor today to buy or lease luxury armored and soft vehicles or to find out more about our extensive protection and motorcade services.