Premium Motorcade Services

Madison Avenue Armor provides highly organized and secure motorcade services for VIPs. Due to our perfect safety record, Madison Avenue Armor is the natural choice for diplomats, embassy personnel, heads of state, foreign dignitaries, news figures, CEOs, celebrities, public figures, and high-net-worth individuals.

Key Madison Avenue Armor Motorcade Security Services

Operations, Personnel & Logistics

For every contract, an MAA representative will be assigned to your travel and security team to develop a Course of Action (COA) to ensure the successful execution of your VIP transportation.

Our services include:
• Licensing and vehicle documentation
• Coordinating vehicle and driver/agent schedules
• Central office and hotel/event dispatch
• On-site team coordinator(s) to manage drivers, security agents, cars and travel/hotel updates.

MAA supports all phases of your transportation, from vital pre-event logistics (security and staff arrivals) to full VIP delegation transportation services.

Our capabilities include multi-city domestic and international travel programs.

Bi-lingual personnel are also available upon request.

Non-Armored Chauffeured Vehicle Fleet Services

In addition to our armored VIP vehicles Madison Avenue Armor provides non-armored chauffeured sedans, SUV’s, vans, buses to support all your transportation needs.

Armored Vehicle Rentals

Our armored vehicles are luxury models outfitted with cutting-edge technology. The US fleet primarily consists of Cadillac Escalade SUVs, Mercedes Benz S-class and Maybach sedans. Internationally, your rental options will be based on the country’s vehicle availability, and will include GMC, Toyota and other brands.

Madison Avenue Armor Security Consultation Services

Madison Avenue Armor experts are available to assist you with your travels domestically and abroad. Let us know which vehicles, personnel and coordinators you may need, and we will assist with recommendations and coordination.