UNGA: Essential Services UNGA

UNGA: Essential Services UNGA

Madison Avenue Armor (MAA) is an official United Nations vendor and US State Department recognized. For 30 years, MAA, headquartered in New York City, has provided Foreign Embassies, Consulates, and UN Missions with VIP armored vehicles and non-armored motorcade transportation for their diplomatic delegation visits throughout the United States of America.


The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) is the largest political summit globally, bringing together diplomats, world leaders, and major political figures from all parts of the world. During such significant meetings, the need for utmost security cannot be overstated—especially in the bustling streets of New York City, where the UNGA is hosted annually.


The presence of numerous dignitaries in one city increases the complexity of security logistics. Traffic disruptions, heightened security threats, and the critical importance of each UN delegate call for unparalleled protection measures. Ensuring the safe transit of VIPs amidst potential threats requires a reliable, fortified mode of transportation that only well-equipped armored cars, and logistically sound advanced planning can provide.


Our fleet includes a range of vehicles that meet the stringent security standards required for events like the UNGA. MAA’s luxury armored bulletproof VIP sedans and SUVs are equipped with advanced security and communications features such as ballistic armor, bulletproof glass, reinforced suspensions, and brakes, backup batteries, fire-suppression systems, Siren-PA -Strobe Assemblies, electric deadbolt battle locks, ensuring that all occupants are protected against a variety of threats.


All MAA’s drivers pass US Secret Service background checks, and all vehicles are properly licensed to eliminate any issues entering the United Nations, White House, Pentagon, and other government and private facilities.
Madison Avenue Armor has maintained a perfect safety record providing protective transportation solutions to embassies throughout the USA. We diligently provide foreign embassies and missions with complete vehicle and personnel documentation required by the US State Department and DSS for official presidential motorcades. All of our armored VIP vehicles are wholly owned, and we are the foremost diplomatic transportation provider in North America.


With fleet bases throughout the USA, MAA has the logistical capacity to operate multiple simultaneous motorcades in Washington DC, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and other US cities. If you have a complex multi-city travel program, please inquire about our full diplomatic services and capabilities.


UNGA Armored Car Rentals and Purchases


We offer flexible options for both rental and purchase, catering to the specific needs of security teams and their principals. Our United Nations General Assembly armored car rentals are tailored to provide seamless security for the duration of the Assembly, equipped with the latest in safety technology and maintained to the highest standards. For those seeking a long-term solution, our armored cars are also available for purchase, allowing for a customized security arrangement that extends beyond the UNGA.


Every rental includes a comprehensive service package, ensuring that vehicles are delivered in optimal condition and are ready for immediate deployment. Additionally, our expert consultants are available to assist with logistical planning, ensuring that every aspect of your security needs is addressed.


Choosing Madison Avenue Armor means opting for reliability, discretion, and uncompromising safety. Allow us to secure your peace of mind during the United Nations General Assembly with our premier armored car rentals.