Amorship process

Group 568 (1)


MAA applies ballistic and explosive protection to 100% of the passenger cockpit, the fuel tank, and vital areas of the engine compartment. Additional upgrades are applied to other areas of the vehicle to enhance the maneuverability, durability, and safety of the protected vehicle. Success is defined by a combination of complete ballistic protection and aesthetic appearance.

Below outlines our process.

Transparent Armour (aka bulletproof glass)

Curved bullet-resistant transparent armor is installed in all glass areas of car to defeat ballistic impacts.

Body Armour

Roof, floor, doors, pillar posts, side panels, kick-panels and firewall, are armored using a combination of ballistic steel and light weight composite materials (e.g. Dyneema, Spectra shield, Kevlar) in accordance with the ballistic standard level of defeat.

Armored Window Overlap System

Ballistic steel overlaps are used around all windows in the passenger cockpit to protect against ballistic penetration.