About Us


MAA – The Beginning.

Madison Avenue limousine, which since the 1990’s, had been providing embassies and foreign missions with reliable delegation transportation year around, including sensitive travel programs to the annual united nations general assembly in NYC, and many official visits to our nation’s capital.  James Monahan, the owner of Madison Avenue Limousine, would personally show up to oversee any of our vehicles and chauffeurs included in official heads of State Motorcades.  He began noticing over the years, that the VIP’s Armored Vehicle contracted by the visiting Delegation often looked worse than our in-house regular “soft vehicles.” And that it often showed up late, and sometimes not at all. Our clients would often explain in frustration that they had contracted the armored car from a private company, who often, was an unethical broker and not the vehicle owner. By now, our clients were urgently requesting that we add armored vehicles to our fleet and rent to them. So with a sizeable investment in a new armored vehicle fleet, and additional hiring and training, Madison Avenue Armor was launched.

MAA - Today

Today, MAA provides armored vehicle sales, and rentals, diplomatic chauffeured transportation and motorcade logistical support throughout the United States of America, Mexico, and South America. Our large fleet of armored VIP and Security Vehicles is strategically geopositioned to ensure rapid deployment to time sensitive requests, and abilities to operate motorcades in multiple cities simultaneously.

Founder’s message

In today’s increasingly volatile world, words like security and safety have become common everyday language. It is my opinion that the international diplomatic community, any high-profile business executives, public figures, celebrities, and at-risk organizations, should think more methodically about why, how and when they could be exposed to unintended physical harm and targeted attacks.” “At a minimum, I recommend actively monitoring exposures to potential threats during the course of travel between home, work, important events, and transit to other cities. Why? Because your physical security is significantly exposed to potential attacks during travel, when your everyday security protocols may not be sufficient. By integrating an armored vehicle into your corporate or personal security plan you will more capably manage these threats and mitigate unnecessary risks. Investing in your personal security now will provide you with the comfort and peace of mind that you are well protected.”

 — James Monahan, Founder & CEO, Madison Avenue Armor