Cannabis Transport Vans & Vehicles

The legal cannabis industry in the US continues to earn billions in annual sales. As with every valuable commodity, the risk of robbery is always there. Madison Avenue Armor is a Manufacturing Representative for the Fleet Sales of Legal Cannabis Transport Vans. Additionally, our security partners will be able to consult your cannabis company with a security plan, staffing, and training of personnel hired to operate these specialized cannabis armored transport vehicles. Proper measures should safeguard both the drivers and cannabis products during transportation.

What Are The Hazards of Transporting Cannabis?

The main concern is robbery, but the risks do not end there. cannabis is still illegal under federal law, it can be extremely hard to insure your cannabis products with a bank or insurance company. This means there will be no financial compensation for goods stolen during a heist.

Hide in Plain Sight

Madison Avenue Armor’s fleet of existing armored vehicles comes with a variety of features that can protect cargo in transit.

Some features include bulletproof glass, armor, blast protection, run-flat tires, a fire suppressant system, high-performance braking and suspension systems, front and night vision cameras, radio/cell/satellite and other communications options, and evasive applications. Our vehicles are discreet and do not resemble traditional transit trucks.

Madison Avenue Armor can also armor a wide variety of vehicle makes and models, allowing business owners to choose the best low-profile, secure vehicle for them.

Additional Madison Avenue Armor Cannabis Transport Services

Apart from providing secure cannabis transport vehicles, Madison Avenue Armor offers consulting services designed to tighten your security and prevent an incident.

Our team can train your drivers and protection staff to recognize and deal with threats on the road. Madison Avenue Armor specialists can also assess your business’s security risks and assist with creating a plan to safely transport your cargo from loading to delivery.

Madison Avenue Armor - Premier Armored Cannabis Transport Vehicles

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