protection level


There are multiple internationally accepted standards which define levels of protection, including the US National Institute of Justice Standard: (NIJ 0108-01), the EuroNorm Standard: (EN1063) and US Underwriter Laboratories Standard: (UL). MAA armors vehicles to meet NIJ and Euronorm standards because of their acceptance in the US and most places worldwide. We offer four levels of ballistic armor protection to meet client needs. Vehicle armor protection levels range from low-level handgun protection to ultra-high-level armor-piercing rifle protection. MAA can produce vehicles suitable for low risk areas like the United States and Canada and also for high-risk areas like Eastern Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
It is important to understand real and potential threats before selecting the level of armoring necessary to defeat these threats. An MAA expert will help you determine which level of armoring fits your security needs best.


AP = Armor Piercing (Special Core); CB = Coned Bullet; FMJ = Full Metal (Copper) Jacket; FN = Flat Nose; HC1 = Steel Hard Core Mass; PB = Pointed Bullet; RN = Round Nose ; SC = Soft Core (Lead); SCP1 = Soft Core (Lead & Steel Penetrator)