Washington DC armored car rentals

Washington DC Armored Car Rentals and Motorcade Services

Washington, DC, is the capital of the United States of America and the center of our revered federal institutions. It borders Maryland and Virginia. Within a few short miles, you have the White House, the US Supreme Court, the United States Senate, The House of Representatives, the Pentagon, Andrews Airforce Base, the NSA, FBI headquarters, the US Federal Reserve, Securities and Exchange Commission, and the World Bank.

The city blends iconic monuments and museums with the corridors of power. It has also become a business, and tourist hotspot, where you will publicly see many high-level individuals,  lobbyists, power-brokers, lawyers, civil rights leaders, and world leaders socializing at restaurants, giving speeches, and appearing throughout the social corridors of Washington DC.

Whichever the reason for visiting Washington DC, Corporate, Political, or personal, visitors need to operate within a volatile political climate or other situations that require heightened armored security services.

Experience that Matters

Madison Avenue Armor has a lot of experience in navigating political events and international delegations and provides bespoke armored car security solutions for every VIP client in DC. Our vehicles and personnel regularly need to enter high-security government facilities such as the White House, the Pentagon, the US Supreme Court, our Congressional buildings, and Andrews Airforce Base.

Before entry into these high-security facilities, it is required that our drivers and agents pass US State Department and Law enforcement background checks, and all vehicles are inspected thoroughly via electronic sweeps and canine units.  Madison Avenue Armor has a perfect record of conduct with the US Government and is well-versed in advance document sharing to be vetted, cleared, and approved for entry into your official government meetings/appointments.

Embassy and Consular Program

Madison Avenue Armor is known for its trust, discretion, and reliability among the diplomatic community of Washington DC. For 20 years, MAA and its sister companies have been providing VIP presidential armored car rentals and sales, vetted official motorcade vehicles, and delegation transportation to embassies and foreign missions. Vehicles are registered and available for multi-city travel programs throughout the USA.

Additionally, if your presidential delegation has a multi-city travel program, MAA has a large armored vehicle fleet geo-positioned throughout the USA. We have handled 5 city tours with our own in-house armored vehicle fleet and can assist with advanced planning and logistics.

We Specialize in Top-Tier Security

Madison Avenue Armor has a clean safety record in Washington, DC, and every other city we operate in. Our great track record comes from a deep commitment to safeguarding our clients and our intimate knowledge of Washington, DC’s physical layout and political landscape.

Premiere Armored Vehicles Washington DC

When it comes to armored car sales, DC requires top-of-the-range vehicles. The city sees many power players and high-net-worth individuals who always need extra protection, especially during times of unrest. Madison Avenue Armor has a fleet of armored vehicles that include luxury models suitable for red-carpet events and protection against gunfire, blasts, and more.

Madison Avenue Armor can assist with refining your security plans and training your personnel to navigate Washington, DC, more securely. If you need a more expert hand on the wheel, our drivers come from law enforcement backgrounds, and they are well-versed in elite driving techniques to evade threats, collisions, and other unforeseen obstacles. Madison Avenue Armor personal protection staff can also accompany you, armed or unarmed.

Madison Avenue Armor – Washington DC’s Premiere Armored Company

A visit to the country’s majestic capital should never be marred by the shadow of security concerns. Contact Madison Avenue Armor today for a luxury armored car rental or purchase and consultations to improve threat assessment, security services in DC, counter-surveillance, and other services to make your stay in DC a secure and seamless experience.