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Premium New York City Armored Vehicle Rentals and Transportation Security Services

Since 1998, Madison Avenue Armor has stood out among armored VIP passenger security vehicle rentals and transportation security companies. NYC is known to present unique security needs and challenges. But with our perfect safety record in this city and elsewhere, Madison Avenue Armor is the first choice of international delegates, business executives, heads of state, VIPs, and high-net-worth individuals.

Armored Cars New York Services

We offer tailor-made security services to ensure your safety in the fast-paced setting of New York City.


The Madison Avenue Armor process begins with a confidential assessment of your unique situation, security concerns, travel requirements, and more. A personalized armor vehicle program can then be suggested, and this usually starts with the decision to rent, lease, or purchase a luxury armored passenger vehicle for your protectee(s).


For decades, MAA’s luxury armored passenger vehicles and chauffeured motorcade support services have been a dependable transportation security resource for personal, corporate, and diplomatic security teams,  where failure is not an option. 


Our modern, well-maintained, and highly protective vehicles provide superior ballistic protection against common threats such as blasts and gunfire. Additionally, our vehicles are operationally capable of extreme evasive security maneuvers and equipped with advanced communications and safety technologies.


Transportation security consultants may be contracted to design or optimize your security plan for traveling in New York. While this service is optional, it is worth noting that their intimate knowledge of the city’s risks, routes, and culture adds invaluable intelligence that ensures your safety.


Additionally, Madison Avenue Armor can arrange through our security partners highly-trained security personnel, both armed and unarmed. All the security drivers and EP agents have a background that is firmly rooted in law enforcement, and they are also trained in evasive and protective driving, accident avoidance, and quick responses and decision-making. If you prefer to use your drivers and security agents, Madison Avenue Armor can assist in training your chauffeurs and security staff to operate an armored vehicle motorcade safely during your time in New York.


The United Nations Headquarters are located in New York City.  Every Year, MAA provides armored vehicle and motorcade services for multiple foreign delations during the annual UN General assembly. We are contracted through each county’s Embassy, UN Mission, or Consulate in New York or Washington DC. Madison Avenue Armor also provides year-round diplomatic transportation service and armored vehicle rentals to visiting delegations and permanent staff residing in NYC.

Supporting Law Enforcement in New York:

MAA provides mission-specific rentals and leases to local law enforcement and the US State Department for their diplomatic protection units.

Madison Avenue Armor – New York’s Premiere Armored Car Provider

Experience New York City in style and safety. Contact Madison Avenue Armor today for a comprehensive protection experience, luxury fleets, and a company that is fully committed to your comfort and security at all times.