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Los Angeles Armored Vehicle Rentals, Sales and Transportation Security

Since our inception in 1998, Madison Avenue Armor has provided elite security and consultation services in Los Angeles. With its iconic landscape and busy culture, the city presents unique challenges for individuals with safety concerns.


Madison Avenue Armor has a perfect safety record in Los Angeles and every other location we operate in. For this reason, our armored cars attract heads-of-state, entertainment and sports VIPs, international delegates, houses of worship, business executives, and other high-net-worth individuals.

Premium Armored Vehicles in Los Angeles, CA

We have a vast fleet of luxury armored SUVs and sedans for rent in  Los Angeles, where we maintain a fleet hub, which services all of California and the West Coast. Upon request, we provide chauffeurs, security drivers, and armed agents.

For executive protection security companies, the US Govt, or visiting diplomatic delegations that service larger diplomatic or private delegations, we have an array of armored vehicles, personnel, and logistical capabilities that support multiple travel programs/ agendas.

So if you are a Consulate, embassy, Entertainer, Corporate Principle, House of Worship, a person or group on vacation, or an individual who just likes to feel secure during travel, MAA has the Armored vehicles and personnel to support your mission.  We aim to assist and support all individuals’ safety and security.

Madison Avenue Armor also offers luxury bulletproof cars for sale. Los Angeles is stunning, and you should enjoy living here without worries. Unfortunately, the cost of living in a large iconic city is the street and violent crime that comes with the territory. But, by owning an armored vehicle, your organization or household can enhance the safety of its vital members. Start your secure journey with a confidential meeting where we discuss your security risks, travel risks, and concerns.

After this initial discussion of and assessment of each client’s needs and wants, Madison Avenue Armor can suggest vehicle build options like the recommended level of vehicle up-armoring, custom luxury options, and safety, security, and communications outfitting of your new armored vehicle. We also provide driver and security training,  security consultation,  and security staffing recommendations to support your current organization or household security plan. Our Security Intelligence Consultants integrate modern cutting-edge technology and reliable operational platforms to provide detailed threat assessments and implement effective counter-surveillance measures and other risk-mitigating strategies.

If this is your first trip to Los Angeles or your team is unfamiliar with the city, Madison Avenue Armor has got you covered. Our highly trained security staff is deeply familiar with the city’s routes, dangerous areas, and other critical intelligence points. Their expertise ensures that you arrive safely at your destination every time. All our drivers are experts in evasive and protective driving, collision avoidance, and thinking on their feet.

Should you prefer your own staff, we can train your security team and chauffeurs to ensure your time in Los Angeles goes smoothly.

Madison Avenue Armor – The Premiere Armored Car Provider

Reach out to Madison Avenue Armor today to book a luxury armored vehicle, security services, and more.