STEP 2 - Customizing your armored vehicle

Through this understanding we can make very specific recommendations for the construction and armoring of your vehicle. And of course, we need to discuss the appointments that will make your custom armored truck or car truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

Car Illustration

  • Limousine style interiors with choices of leather and wood veneers, recessed lighting, reclining and extending seating, beverage center, computer linkups, and A/V systems
  • Operable driver partition wall and privacy curtains
  • Front seat command unit navigation system
  • Fire suppressant system
  • Dual batteries and alternators
  • Choice of opaque and transparent armor materials
  • Run flat system with spare
  • High performance breaking and suspension systems
  • Front and night vision camera
  • Radio, cell, satellite and other communications options
  • Evasive applications - tack array dispenser, oil slick, smoke screen
  • Electric door handles
  • Blast protection